Cambodia-based photographers have captured some of the best shots. The KHallery offers a simple platform to upload some of their untouched treasures, so that you can own them legally and proudly.

With your purchase, you can support their original, great quality work.

What is KHallery?

For Photographers:
It’s an online marketplace where invited/registered photographers (Cambodia) can own a page portfolio to showcase/sell their digital photographs.

For You:
You can buy the original/highest resolution photos through the KHallery.

What’s in a name?

The original idea came from one of our co-founders who work closely with Cambodian photographers and photojournalists. They talked and talked over hundreds (if not out thousands) of cups of coffee and tea. The thing is they want to have an online gallery or shop house-like where anyone can pay some money to get the quality work.

Using the KH to substitute G for the word gallery is the way to maintain our Cambodian identity and the place of origin, Khmer and Cambodia.

According to Macmillan dictionary, a gallery means a private building where you can look at and buy paintings and other types of art. A photo gallery: a gallery, either in a building or on the internet, where photographs are on display.

So here’s your KHmer gallery, or the